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    We are currently in the process of finalising the list of trade stands who will be at our event.  The list below are the confirmed stall holders, with more to come.  If you are interested in having a trade stand, please do not hesitate to contact Philippa Harder on 021-0245-1103 or  



    DeeJays Gourmet Griller:



     http://www.gourmetgriller.co.nz/  The menu consists of high quality gourmet burgers with eye fillet, roast lamb, venison, angus pure and buffalo haloumi for vegetarians, and the bacon, egg, and hollandaise is very popular in the morning. We also have gluten free options, hot chips and kumara yummos (also chicken tenders or prawn twisters) cooked in clean cholesterol free canola oil. We are also more than happy to do plated meals for dinner and fresh fruit salad for breakfast if wanted.  We do cold drinks from Frucor mainly the freshup range and V, plus gaterade and cans of coke


    The Coffee Guy:  Arrie & Elma Brown who serve a variety of great coffees, Charlies Juices and Mrs Higgins cookies


    Fritzs Wieners:  A proven favourite, Fritz's Wieners sell award winning bratwurst sausages served in a baguette bun with your choice of condiments'


    Juice4real:  Mobile Juice Bar, Fruit smoothies.  Ph 021 1740781


    Matamata Saddlery - www.matamatasaddlery.co.nz


    Prestige Equestrian  - www.prestigeequestrian.co.nz




    Fiber Fresh - www.fiber-fresh.com




    Jumpz n Jodz  www.jumpznjodz.com/


    First Equine:  Equine First Aid Kits, Ticked Off - Trough preparation for ticks and moquitos and a great sunburn solution called Right on the Nose.  www.firstequine.co.nz


    Relief NZ -  Relief NZ is an all natural cream that has hit NZ shores with a bang. Rub mark has been the best seller. It helps promote hair growth and our testimonials speak for themselves, the other products are Greasy heel (mud fever) and wound relief. 


    Real Good Brownies -  Real Good Brownies specialise in making artisan brownies in the traditional American style. Still made by hand, just like you would at home, we use quality ingredients, with no shortcuts or premixes in sight.  They are rich,decadent and totally indulgent! Like a brownie ought to be!


    With various flavours such as the classic double choc,caramel,mixed berry, peanut butter and white choc with raspberries, almond and even lemon, there is something to suit everyone's tastes.


    Takeshelter Ltd -  Horse themed clothing and accessories was established from an idea by Paul and Desma Wells of combining their extensive knowledge of the Clothing Industry and their passion for Horses to find quality and unique products.

    We source the world and love what we have found so far, and know you will too!  Come see for yourself at Puhinui or email us; pauldesma@xtra.co.nz


    BIOPTRON Light Therapy - BIOPTRON Light Therapy is Safe and Easy to Use Swiss medical device, offering significantly accelerated tissue repair of muscles, tendon, ligaments, joints, bones, wound healing and pain relief for Humans and Animals.

    BIOPTRON emits polarised, low energy light similar to Sun but without potentially harmful UV rays. When applied to a skin, it stimulates light sensitive structures and bio-molecules of the cells. This initiates cellular chain reactions, which are not only limited to the treated skin area but can influence the whole body and immune system, leading to faster and more effective healing and tissue repair.

    BIOPTRON Colour Therapy brings to humans and animals increased energy and feelings of well-being, unblocking muscles and nerve centres, enhancing concentration, increasing vitality, strengthening the immune system, releasing stress and many more.

    BIOPTRON has successfully aided quick recovery in number of equestrian, racing and training related injuries.


    Kiwi Wool - Kiwi Wool designs and produces a wide range of of standard, customised and personalised wool pet beds to suit individual requirements. Kiwi Wool is a family business which grew from a boutique wool buying, processing and insulation business established in Hawke's Bay in 1997 by the Mackintosh family.

    Made from safe natural hard wearing cotton, canvas and jute and filled with soft wool batting, Kiwi Wool Pet Beds keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer. The unique properties of wool create a micro climate for your pet, keeping his/her body temperature stable and bed dry and well ventilated. Kiwi Wool Pet Beds aid circulation and healing and help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism & arthritis which vastly improves quality of life for older dogs. Did you know the working life of a dog can be extended by 2 years when he sleeps on a wool bed? Hard working farm dogs and police dogs have benefitted enormously from sleeping on Kiwi Wool beds.

    Kiwi Wool has a regular presence at annual and monthly events around and we also deliver throughout New Zealand and overseas. Visit www.kiwiwool.co.nz to see our full range & follow us on Facebook to see where we will be visiting next! 


    Organo - Organo sell a healthy coffee infused with the most powerful herb in the world. Ganoderma lucidum, the reishi mushroom, first used in the Ming Dynasty.

    Awaken your senses and enrich your day. Also available Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Latte, Green Tea and Red Tea.

    Change your coffee, change your life.



    Flamin' Pizzas -  Flamin`Pizzas offer a healthy choice of food ranging from Wood Fired Pizzas with less than 400 Calories, we are proud to feed Wood Fired Pizzas to the Chiefs Rugby Team. We also do Roast Chicken & Salads, Sandwiches & Cold Drinks. www.flaminpizzas.co.nz or Flamin` Pizzas on Facebook. 



    Bucas - Bucas design, create and make high performance horse blankets and related equestrian products.




    Bucas develop all their products with the wellbeing of horses at the forefront together with time saving technology for the owner.  One of the foundational practices fulfilled by Bucas is to stabilise the temperature of the horse using technical products.


    Since 1981 Bucas have merged the great Irish equestrian tradition with the latest technical developments and experience from other industries. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of highly innovative and technically advanced products that offer maximum performance in terms of breathability, but Bucas have managed to do this without the bulk, therefore they weigh less and perform at wider ranges of temperatures than other rugs on the market.


    As a result, Bucas has been established as one of the most respected brands in the equestrian business worldwide.


    NZ Distributor


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