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    VIP Hospitality 2017


    #Puhinui2017 is welcoming with open arms a new partnership with Catwalk.

    The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust was founded by one of our own, in 2005 by Catriona Williams and a group of close friends. Catriona, formerly one of NZ’s leading international equestrian riders is a C6/C7 tetraplegic following a riding accident in 2002.

    The hospitality tent is open on Saturday and Sunday, so come on down for a day full of suspense, excitment and awe!

    http://www.3dayevent.co.nz/Hospitality to view ticketing details.

    See you at #Puhinui2017

    Always an exciting competition, this year’s Puhinui International 3 Day Event has a little extra spice for a number of reasons.  Eventing’s superstar couple, Jonelle and Tim Price, who have had a dream eventing season in Europe, will be on hand to share their wealth of knowledge with riders and spectators alike.  They will be involved in a variety of activities, from leading walks around the cross country, talking at the Thompson Electrical Breakfast with the Stars on Saturday morning through to being in the fan zone each day ready for questions, autographs and photographs. 


    Adding to this year’s mix, popular British rider Nick Gauntlett is bringing his newly acquired Australian horse, El Grado to compete in the Honda New Zealand CCI***, the premier event.  He will be going up against ten of New Zealand’s best home based riders, including Clarke Johnstone with his beautiful white horse, Balmoral Sensation.  This pair have won every major onshore eventing title bar this one.  Taranaki Olympians Heelan Tompkins and Matthew Grayling will also be aiming to win the big class again, with Matthew being the current title holder.   This year he is riding NRM Lowenberg.  


    Leader of the year-long Super League series, Donna Smith with Tangolooma, will be looking to win to extend their lead.  Fraser King and Nadal KSNZ are currently second, and are in great form going into this event having just won the National One Day title in Christchurch.   


    Two South Island riders will be keen to see the trophy heading their way.  Annabel Wigley has NRM Enzo entered while Emily Cammock is going to be the busiest rider at the event with five horses.  Two of these will be in the Honda 3*, Dambala and Shaw Lee. 


    Shelley Ross and Coleraine Coaltown were winners of the CCI** at Puhinui two years ago and will be popular winners in the top class, if they can pull off this one.  Jessica Woods and Christen Hayde can’t be discounted either, both of them riding horses who love going cross country. 


    Adding to the international flavour of the event are the UK based kiwis who have come home to compete at these horse trials and have a bit of summertime at home.  Blyth Tait, Annabel Wigley, Juliet Wood and Alice Montgomery are all fresh off the plane (some very fresh!) but have organised themselves some great horses and will be very competitive in the various classes they are entered in.  Blyth has already shown winning form with Leo Distinction recently and must be a contender for the Cato Packaging CCI** title.    


    Diane Gilder has the Taupo 3 Day Event 2* title already, can she pull off this one too?  The lovely Greensleeves and Megan Finlayson are another combination who could take it out, as could Amanda Pottinger with either of her horses in this class.   Don’t discount Donna Smith either.  She has won here before many times, and her horse Cluny is all class. 


    The new ingredient for this event is the National Three Day Event Young Rider and Junior Rider titles which are up for grabs.  Will there be future Olympians in amongst the contestants?  Sarah Young is the only rider with two horses in the Honda New Zealand CCI** Young Rider, but it is a very tight contest, as is the Devi Heating Systems CCI* Junior Rider class. 


    The Veterinary Associations CCI* has a very good field lined up.   Hard to pick a winner here, there are some combinations with good form entered.   Clarke Johnstone and Quainton Labyrinth were National ODE winners in Christchurch in November, and he also thinks very highly of his other horse in this class, Sportsman II.   Tayla Mason on the ever-trusty Royalty also had a good result at in Christchurch, and there will be much interest in the new combination of Abbey Lawrence and Song. 


    The entries are excellent in the Horse & Pony CCN105.  Two young riders make their 3 day debut with two very experienced horses.  Greer Caddigan will be on Fletch . com and Ellie Braddock is on Too Predictable.   Courtney Romcke will be busy, she has four horses entered in this class. 


    39 combinations line up in the Point Two CNC* including Eventing NZ’s Board Chair, Todd Gloyn.   The field ranges from the experienced veterans like Campbell Draper to some of the up and coming riders like Brianna Butler Gallie.  


    The Fiber Fresh/Prestige Equestrian CNC105 has the most entries with 76 ready to go.  There are also great entries for the Eventers Challenge, sponsored by NPC Health, Equilibrium and Spurs of Counties.  This is a fun event run over a combination of cross country and showjumping fences on Sunday.  


    The main action starts on Friday with dressage.  Jonelle and Tim Price will be leading educational cross country course walks both in the morning and after the dressage competition has been completed later in the day.  This is an great opportunity for members of the public to get jumping tips from the No 2 and 13 ranked event riders in the world. 


    The all-exciting cross country phase starts at 9am on Saturday with the elite class starting just after noon.  With the large entries in the lower classes, it will be a full day of cross country, with  the last rider due on course at approximately 5pm. 


    Sunday is when the all-important showjumping phase is on, with the winners expected to be known by 3 o’clock.   They will all assemble for the prize giving and the thrill of doing their victory laps including the long-held Puhinui traditional of galloping through the water jump in the middle of the main arena. 


    We’re looking forward to a taste of the excitement that is Puhinui International 3 Day Event.  Are you?





    For more information, please visit our website www.3dayevent.co.nz 

    Media are welcome to contact Jane Thompson on jane.thompson@actrix.co.nz or 021 100 2503 

    Press conferences will be held at the conclusion of each day with the top 3 in the Honda NZ CCI*** attending as well as Jonelle and Tim Price.  At the conclusion of the event, the Young Rider and Junior Rider title winners will join the other major class winners at the press conference. 


    Entry is free on Friday. 

    Saturday and Sunday cost $5 per person, with children under 13 free.  

    Jonelle & Tim Price’s course walks are free.   Assemble at the first cross country jump at 10:30 and 5pm on Friday 







    Here's a great opportunity - you can walk the cross country course on Friday 5 December with Jonelle and Tim Price. 


    They will be walking the Honda NZ CCI*** course at 10:30 am on Friday, and you can tag along, hear how they would ride it, ask them questions that could be helpful to your own riding, and generally be around to learn from these highly regarded riders.    


    They will then be walking the Cato Packaging CCI** course at 4:30pm (at the conclusion of the Honda NZ CCI*** dressage which ever is the sooner).  Again, this is open to everyone. 


    All you need to do is to meet up at the first fence at either 10:30 am or 4:30 pm (or both!)! 



    Forget the Silver Spurs, this year the Puhinui Riders Party is going to prove for once and for all (or at least until next year) where the best riders come from with the inaugural Event Riders Association (NZ) 'state of origin' Challenge.  

    While the ERA Challenge won't actually involve riding, it comprises a series of challenges carefully designed to test mind, body and spirit - and only the true champions will succeed.  

    We're looking for teams of four people (riders, grooms, supporters - anyone) from each of the Northern, Central and Southern regions who're prepared to take on the challenge.  

    If you think you've got what it takes, nominate your team by contacting Tom Lane or commenting on the Event Riders Association New Zealand Facebook page.  

    As well as untold glory and undisputed bragging rights, there will be prizes for the winners.


    The Eventer’s Challenge, held on the Sunday of Puhinui (7th December) promises to be a lot of fun.


    It was previously known as the Derby Classes.  The Eventers Challenge still remains largely a “Derby” style competition.  It starts with a section of 6-8 show jumps leading to 5-7 efforts over cross country fences and finishing over a show jump.


    Competitors go straight from SJ to XC, no time for a pause in between!


    There are two heights, 80cm and 95cm and at each height there are 2 sections, one for riders 16 years old & under, and the other 17 & over. There is also a teams competition (free to enter this class).


    Equilibrium Australia sponsor the 95 cm classes and NPC Health sponsor the 80cm class.


    You can enter on the day or via Equestrian Entries. If you need any more incentive to enter,  one of our international stars may well be presenting the prizes plus we have an official photographer specifically covering this competition so here's your chance to get a great photo! 



    Puhinui Eventer Challenge

    Sunday 7th December 10am start

    Prize money plus awesome prizes!




    NPC Health 80cm 16 and under


    NPC Health 80cm 17 and over


    Equilibrium 95cm 16 and under



    Equilibrium 95cm 17 and over



    Spurs of Counties Eventers Challenge Teams Event

    The Eventer’s Challenge is a “Derby” style competition with a section of 6-8 show jumps leading to 5-7 efforts over cross country fences and finishing over a show jump all enclosed in one ring. The maximum height is 80cm and 95cm respective of the classes.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Entry fee for classes 9-12 is $25. Class 13 is free.

    2. Judging is based on 4 faults for rail or refusal at show jumps and 20

      penalties for a refusal at a cross country fence. Time penalties will also be

      incurred for going over the time allowed.

    3. Rules are based of ESNZ Eventing rules – this includes horse tack and

      rider attire

    4. Teams are to be nominated on the day. Riders may belong to more than

      one team, but on individual mounts nominating there counting score class before the class commences. Each team may contain four riders with the best 3 scores to count.

    5. Mounted prize giving for all 1st place combinations both individual and teams. Places to 10th place in classes 9 -12, teams place to 3rd position. All riders must be fully attired at prize giving. Nonattendance at prize giving will result in forfeiting of prize money and prizes.

    6. The organizing committee of Auckland Eventing reserves the right to make any changes/amendments to the competition or rules.

    7. Competitors and horses are not required to be ESNZ registered.

    8. Entries in advance via Equestrian Entries, limited entries accepted on the


    9. Enquires to Julie Prebble 027 485 8543 julzap3@yahoo.co.nz 


    There is only one month to go before we will be starting day 1 of this year's event.


    It is also great to announce that Jonelle Price, currently the No 2 eventing rider In The World (AKA the Number ONE Female Eventing Rider In The World) will be at Puhinui! Jonelle will be accompanied by her husband Tim, who just happens to be No 13 Eventing Rider in The World!  


    We also have 3 in the top 200 of the FEI Rankings competing including Clarke Johnstone (No 48), Donna Smith (No 64) and Samantha Felton (No 94).


    We are also expecting an entry in the Cato Packaging CCI** from Blyth Tait which is very exciting! Englishman Nick Gauntlett is also expected to be competing on an Australian horse (how international!) so there will be some quality fields.  


    New to this year's competitions are the Honda New Zeaalnd CCI** Young Rider class as well as the Devi Heating Systems CCI* Junior Rider.  These classes will attract the cream of the country's youngsters, especially those trying to impress the selectors in a bid to get into the Young Rider team to complete against the Australians at Taupo 3 Day Event in May. 


    Jonelle and Tim will be leading a course walk around the cross country on Friday which we are sure will be of interest to both young and old, riders and spectators.   There will be a host of other opportunities for you to catch up with them including the Thompson Electrical Breakfast with the Stars on XC morning! This Breakfast will also include other international stars and will be held on Saturday 6th December from 7.30 - 9am (when CC starts).  It is free for sponsors and the committee.  Public can purchase tickets at $30 which includes sumptuous full breakfast and gate entry (need to book and prepay by Monday 1st Dec for catering purposes).  Please contact Jules at butson@ihug.co.nz to book your ticket.