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    CCI classes - Rider information


    Class One                Honda NZ CCI ***

    Auckland City Trophy, Sin Trophy, Tankard and Rug

    Prize money :  $2,000, $1,000, $500, $300, $300


    Class Two                iSpyHorses CCI **

    Auckland Horse Trials Group Trophy, Tankard and Rug

    Prize money :  $1,200, $850, $700, $500, $300


    Class Three             Honda NZ CCI** Young Rider  Three Day Event Championship

    Swarbrick Trophy and Rug

    $1000, $750,, $500, $250, $250


    Class Four               Veterinary Associates CCI *

    Puhinui Plate, Tankard and Rug

    Prize money :  $850, $600, $450, $275, $225


    Class Five                DEVI Heating Systems CCI* Junior Rider Championship

    Lenamore Trophy and Rug

    $700, $500, $350, $250, $175


    Class Six                 NZ Horse & Pony Magazine CCN105 Three Day Event

    Trophy donated by Susan O’Brien, Tankard and Rug

    Prize money :  $550, $400, $300, $250, $175


    Class Seven            Fibre Fresh CCN95

    Prize money :  $350, $250, $200, $150, $100


    Eventers Challange - Sunday Classes


    Class Eight               NPC Health Eventer Challenge 80cm 16 & under

    Prize money :  $80, $60, $50, $40 rosettes to 10th plus product


    Class Nine                NPC Health Eventer Challenge 80cm 17 & over

    Prize money :   $80, $60, $50, $40 rosettes to 10th plus product


    Eleven                      Equilibrium Australia Eventer Challenge 95cm 16 yrs & under

    Prize money :  $80, $60, $50, $40 rosettes to 10th plus product


    Class Ten           Equilibrium Australia Eventer Challenge 95cm 17 yrs & over

    Prize money :  $80, $60, $50, $40 rosettes to 10th plus product


    Class Eleven         Spurs of Counties Teams Eventer Challenge

    Rugs and Product


    Best Presented Combination Dress Rug Sponsored by Matamata Saddlery

    Rob Winchester highest placed Young & Junior Rider Awards in CCN105

    Jenni Calver presentation to grooms of FEI classes

    Additional prize money paid in accordance with FEI or ESNZ rules

    Arrival Inspections

    All horses in classes 1 – 7 must be presented at the arrival inspection before being put into the yards.   All horses will be issued identification tags which must be worn at all times when being ridden or in their yards.

    The arrival inspections are on Thursday 10 December, times to be advised. 

     Please bring with you your FEI passport (compulsory for CCI*** horses) or ESNZ Registration book correctly completed with current registration stickers and the back section signed and stamped by ESNZ.   Also the medical declaration form attached.



    The rider briefing will be held on Thursday at 1pm.


    Trot up

    The first trot up will be held on Thursday afternoon at 3.00p.m.   Please make sure you wear your dressage numbers for identification.   Strip 1 will be CCN105, Strip 2 will be CCI* followed by CCI** & CCI***.

    Horse & Pony are sponsoring a prize for the best dressed woman and best dressed man. This will be judged over both horse inspections!   There is also a best dressed prize for riders under 18. 



    Showers are available.   As the water has to be trucked in please do not waste water.


    We can provide shavings for your yards. It will be put in your yards for you before you arrive. 

    $40 per yard or if you have 3 or more yards it's $30 per yard. Please email lcooney@papatoetoe-south.school.nz to book your shavings


    Ice will be available.   This must be ordered and paid for by Thursday evening and will be delivered on Saturday morning.   Cost to be advised.   Please pay the Secretary.



    In the unfortunate event that you have to scratch please advise the secretary as soon as possible.  



    There have been occasions in the past when things have been stolen from the trucks,  especially on the Sunday when show jumping is on.   We do have security but please be aware they cannot be everywhere at all times.  Keep your valuables secure and your trucks locked if you are not there. 


     Dogs                                      NO DOGS ALLOWED

    Dogs are not allowed on Puhinui Reserve.   Riders will be eliminated if they bring a dog.   Please advise your family and friends of this rule.


    Live Streaming 

    Equestrian Live are livestreaming the event on www.equestrianlive.co.nz

    After the event there will be some on demand video available as well.  


    Riders; please note we will be holding a full media conference at the end of each day where the top 3 leaders in the CCI3*** will be required to attend.

    At the conclusion of the CCI3* prize giving on Sunday, the top 3 place getters in the CCI3* will be required as well as the winners of the CCI* and Junior classes will be required to attend the media conference.   After the CCI2* conclusion, we will require the winner of that class and also the Young Rider class to come to the media conference.  We will give you more information as to the timing during the competition, but note that it will be as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event BEFORE you disappear off to your truck. Good practice for those intending to win other international events!   If you have any issues or concerns about this, please ring Jane on 021 100 2503. 


    If you have any questions or queries, please contact Susan O'Brien (Event Secretary)

    Ph: 021878009