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The Three Day Event


Eventing originally evolved from the training of cavalry horses and is the ultimate test of horse and rider. The event is held over three days and includes dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Phase 1, Dressage

The first day sees the riders complete a set of skilled movements with an arena of a set size. The horse and rider must work in harmony to perform the required movements in a calm and balanced way. This is a test of the riders training of his horse and the horses obedience.

Phase 2, Cross Country

On the second day the event tests the horse and riders courage and fitness. The cross country course is a fast and daring discipline across country with horse and rider required to jump large obstacles including large hedges and Utes. The riders have a set time within which they should complete the course, any extra time will cost them penalty points, as will a refusal to jump, or a fall of horse and rider.

Phase 3, Show jumping

This is the final phase to the three day event and is to test the horses jumping technique, and skill after such the challenging task of the previous day. Horse and rider are required to jump over several coloured fences within a time limit. Failure to clear all the jumps within the time, or knocking rails over will incur penalties.

The rider with the lowest score after the three days is the winner of his/her class.